Saturday, October 1, 2016

Kona Diaries – Day #9 (9 days till the big day)

And just like that we are in single digits! 9 days till the big day! Seriously? Where has the time gone! The town is sure starting to buzz a little more each day.

I got up and headed to the pool again! Since I am not the fastest fish you will ever meet, it really helps me to get in a bit of swimming each day even if it’s not big yardage so that I can keep the feel for water. I don’t personally do well staying away from the water, and especially not before race day. Working on my tan lines is always fun too. 

I love my BlueSeventy two piece! (Notice the crowded pool behind me) 

Today I had a hard bike workout, which included 4 sets of 10 min at 90-95% of my threshold, so I made sure I re-fueled well post swim, AND I also added my not so secret weapon – Beet Boost!

Get in my belly! And these Beet Boost packets are super convenient to travel with too! 

I then took a nap in my boots (I am loving this recovery routine btw), ate lunch (turkey/avocado/pickle sandwich with chips and hummus and of course side of papaya!). I may turn into one by the time I leave – they are just that good here!  (I also need to do a better job in the photo department, but when it’s time to eat, it’s time to eat)

I then did work, ran a few errands, and headed out on the bike around 3pm, on my newly dressed up “Flash”!
"Flash" and I flying down the Queen K 

The plan was to do a 90 min ride with the 2 x 10 hard efforts on the way out, and 2 x 10 on the way back plus warm up and cool down. What I didn’t account for was just how windy it was on the way out (tailwind- yes please), and that’s how my 90 min ride turned into nearly 2 hours – oops! It literally feels like flying one way, and then it's so slow coming back that walking your bike may be 

But coach - do you not see the wind? Walking may be faster, no? 

 When you survived the intervals, the crazy head and crosswinds and are almost home! 

Post ride, we headed out for dinner at Lava Java. I had the fresh catch of the day, with rice and asparagus – I really needed like 2 portions of that. Next time I must get the burger or pizza!
Post dinner snack – Papaya again! This time loaded with plain greek yogurt with chocolate protein and granola!  

Yum! The other half was already gone :( 

More chill time, work time, and shortly after bed time! Hope you still enjoy reading! If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know. 

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  1. Yay, single digit countdown is on! What kind of mental prep-visualization, if any, do you do?