Friday, September 30, 2016

Kona Diaries – Day #8 (10 days till the big day)

Aaaand we are back to regularly scheduled programming. It was time to rise and shine and head back to the pool, this time for a nice mid distance 3K session. With 10 days to go, the pool is definitely starting to get more crowded but it’s still manageable.

All lanes are now spoken for! 

Morning swim was followed by my daily “mega” breakfast! I was too hungry to snap a photo, but I know what works for me so the picture would look exactly the same like the last 8 days. Some may say boring, but I literally get excited for my breakfast as soon as I am done with my swim. (or maybe even during my swim ;) ) 

After breakfast I hopped in the boots, and took a glorious 30 min nap! They say train hard & smart, and recovery harder and that couldn’t be more true especially this close to race day.

Next up was my last double digit run, and included mostly IM pace with half mile efforts at Threshold. I have been nailing this workout in training for the last few months, but trying to pull off threshold pace and effort what at times feels like the surface of the sun definitely scared me. I sure had to put my big girl pants on & needed some encouragement from the boss.Although I didn’t quite hit the pace, I was close enough and quite surprised with how strong my legs felt. The HR has been starting to come down as well which is a great sign! Just to give you an idea, my HR during the threshold intervals was just as high as it was on the beginning of my 20 mile run just a week ago during my IM pace run. Wow – have I really already been here for over a week? Time really does fly when you are having fun!

Coach Jorge was nice enough to drop me off near the energy lab at the Kona Mountain Coffee place which apparently has kick ass coffee, and I ran from there into the energy lab, back out and then back home. 

Oh the famous energy lab. The energy lab is a stretch of road off of the Queen K that covers miles 16 - 19. There is nothing scenic about it. It's an out and back, and it's the place where air doesn't move; the place that owned me the last 3 years I raced here but I am ready for revenge! 

I ran into my friend Jodie who KQ in her first year as a PRO and I think in her 2nd year doing triathlons. She is one badass runner (think Olympic marathon qualifier), and was on her recovery run. 

  This is a perfect example of mega legs (mine) & mini legs (Jodie)

It was fun to have company for the first few miles of the run. The miles flu by! And did I mention how much I LOVE my running top Dr. Cool? It may get saturated with sweat but it really does help with keeping you cool(er)! Click here to check out their kick ass product line!

I really hope to be smiling like this on race day when I hit this exact same spot in the energy lab. 

It really was awesome to run the last 10 miles of the run course! It will help me visualize my race down to every detail and I’ll now have more positive memories from the toughest part of the course come race day.

My finish line today was one of my favorite places on the island – Basik Acai! Every long run should end with an Acai bowl! It sure hit the spot!

I may be a sweaty mess but priorities are priorities

I don’t know how this is possible, but later we ended up going back to the store to just get few more things we were out of. I swear someones comes in when we are sleeping and eats all of our food. 

Dinner was another mega salad with steak tips, almonds, cashews, avocado, local cucumbers, carrots and feta cheese with a side of bread and papaya with yogurt with extra protein powder mixed in and granola for dessert.

By 10pm, I was in bed! The sun sure does take the energy right out of you so while I am still training, I am also doing my best to recover and rest! 

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