Monday, October 3, 2016

Kona Diaries – Day #10 (8 days till the big day)

So I got up and swam (again). Isn’t that what most triathletes do? Today, I started the morning with a 4K swim. The pool was so crowded it had just about 5 people to a lane and I actually had to wait around a bit to be able to hop in. I am not going to lie, just about EVERYONE looked like they could go to the Olympics and throw it down with Katie Ledecky or Michael Phelps. Even though I try really hard to not let that get to me, I would lie if it didn’t frustrate me a bit.

Siri putting her athletes to work! 

Post run, I had a mega breakfast, chilled on the patio again while doing some work, and met a new friend!

Hello Mr. Geico ;) He even posed for me (I then gave him jelly)

I then did a 4.5 mile lunch time run, and I got to do a Levelen sweat test as well. It was definitely in the heat of the day, and although I have adapated quite well and my HR is back down to normal ranges I am used to seeing back in Boston, I am still quite the sweat machine!  

I drank 8oz of water in the 34 min I ran, and I lost 3.1lbs! WHAT? Thanks to Levelen I also know how salty of a sweater I am, and how much electrolytes I should be taking in throughout the race. If you are interested in learning more, I am AND they are here for ya! Comment or send me a message, this really is good stuff to know! 

I then re-fueled with another round of Poke from Da Poke shack! That place is just amazing! And I did follow that up with this goodness from Lava Java!

Chocolate, peanut butter, oat mango coconut cookie! To seriously die for! 

I watched another amazing sunset from the patio, and for dinner I had marinated steak tips with rice and asparagus! Gone before I thought about taking a picture! Oops!

Tomorrow is one last long(ish) ride before the big day! I packed it in early to get quality sleep while of course getting one last 30 min session in my Elevated Legs.

Squeeze me! 

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