Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kona Diaries – Day #13 (5 days till the big day)

A friend of mine asked me how I run in this and I honestly don’t know, I just do.  When I first stepped off the plane 4 years ago, I asked myself the same exact question, and here I am back for more. Today, the weather was actually relatively cool (for Kona that is), as the clouds rolled in and didn’t give the sun a chance to shine almost all day. It was definitely a bit refreshing.

Cloudy but still beautiful! 

I started the day with another ocean swim, and boy oh boy was the pier packed! The banners of champions are up, and the pier is THE place to be every morning between 7-9am.

 Just a few of many along the finish line that is to be built literally overnight from Friday to Saturday

Why between 7-9am? Because that’s when the Blueseventy coffee house is out there, and that’s enough of a reason. Plus the Blueseventy guys are awesome, and you should make sure to visit their booth if you are in Kona! They are right by Uncle Billies (not in the maine expo area), but it's worth the few extra steps! They have some yet to be seen stuff like the new sleeved swim skin on display! Did anyone say extra free speed? 

If you wish, you may also wiggle your way in front of a camera lens or two as the place is buzzing with photographers & reporters searching for just that right shot. You can then spend weeks searching for your photo on the interwebs ;) (I haven’t been bringing my phone to the pier to capture the madness but I’ll try tomorrow to give you a visual idea of what I am talking about.

So swimming - it was fun and it was short. No panic training for this girl. 

GoPro silliness 

As you can see, I even had company for a little while as coach Jorge joined me.

I told you I even swam a little ;) 

After swim, Jorge got some ART treatment – this coaching thing really isn’t as easy as it may seem. 

These folks come here from all over the world to work on us athletes - I say that is pretty darn cool and of course unbelievably awesome! 

The show is about to get started as all companies are just finishing setting up their booths while some are already open even though the expo doesn’t officially start until tomorrow (Tuesday). Alii drive has now been completely overtaken by triathletes and you can feel it! This once super quiet beachy laid back town, is now full of thousands and thousands of "ready to go", "tapering" triathletes! You fill in the blank ;) 

After breakfast and little R&R I headed out for a quick 45 min ride. The big training is done, and now it’s just about staying sharp and resting. I took it relatively easy with a few pick ups, and legs were stilll feeling pretty darn good.

Let's do this! 

Post ride, I spent some time here.

Picture perfect chill spot

And then Jorge and I headed out to the Lava fields for my annual talk with Madame Pele. Yes – she is real, and yes – you want her on your side come race day – believe me!

E3 Tri Coaching in da house! :) 

Sometimes they call me "mega legs" instead of czech chick 

For dinner, I had some awesome fish tacos that I ate before I took a photo courtesy of chef Jorge and the rest of the night was spent relaxing. We actually don’t even have a TV, but I have to say it’s kind of nice.

Tomorrow is  shaping up to be a busy day, and I am definitely starting to feel the butterflies. Only 5 more sleeps! 

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