Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kona Diaries – Day #4 (13 days till the big day)

This morning I woke up before my alarm clock again, but felt so much better than yesterday. This R&R stuff works, who knew? Instead of heading right to the pool, I headed to our patio and enjoyed the morning breeze because it wasn’t going to stick around for long! I swear it feels like each and every day keeps getting hotter and more humid and windy.

Good Morning Kona! 

Who knew taking a little time to decompress this am was the right move. The pool didn’t open until 8 am and apparently most people except for me knew that. Duh! I swear I’ll swim open water soon, but I can’t be the only shark bait in there and swimming in such a large body of water although very beautiful water by myself just isn’t for me. I get a better workout in the pool.

As a reward for being early, I got to essentially open up the pool, and have it ALL to myself for all of 5 minutes.  It wasn’t long before I had to share my lane with a super fish! (I swear everyone here is such a GREAT swimmer!

So peaceful! 

Then it was breakfast time, and this time I won’t bore you with another picture because if you have been following along, you can tell me what I had for breakfast. It was just as good as yesterday, and the day before. I did have a “friend” that attempted to join me though.

 The biggest cockroach ever (I may have screamed a little and I didn't eat any extra protein with my breakfast!)

Playing dead? 

Then it was recovery boots time and nap time  - this is THE life! Napping also apparently makes me hungry, so I had to have a snack (good ol’ fashion pb&j) before heading out for a 30 mile – 90 min easy spin. 

Today sure was hot, steamy and a bit more windy than before so I didn’t quite make it to the donkey sign from the other day.

 Hualalai - my turnaround point today

Time to head back to Kailua 

Overall, my legs felt a ton better than yesterday, which is a good sign because I have one last monster day coming up tomorrow.

Hi there :) 

Ride was followed by lunch (sandwich time!), followed by papaya “bowl”. I really wanted an Acai bowl but was too lazy to rush to get there – they do close way too early (4pm).

I threw in some granola and coconut milk and it was sooooo good! You are all lucky I took a break and snapped a photo before it was all gone

I did make it to town eventually and scored a Mango Cinnamon muffin from Lava Java! 

The picture really doesn't do it justice, it is SOOOOO good! 

It really is to die for, but I had to save till after my 30 min easy run. I went out for my run right at sunset around 6pm in hopes of perhaps bit cooler temps but no such luck. The real feel was apparently still 92 degrees, and the air was so thick you could cut it up and serve it as dessert (I think I really wanted to just eat that muffin instead of doing my run). I even high fived a couple of walkers along the way – they were cheering me on like I was racing already! This place really is awesome and like no other. I am not so sure they will do it again though because they probably weren’t expecting just how sweaty my hand would be. Oops, I am a sweat machine what can I say.

As soon as I got home, the sky opened up and it poured buckets. I inhaled my dinner before I remembered to take a picture for your viewing pleasure but let’s just say it hit the spot! 2 bison burgers (1 bun) with rice and asparagus for veggies. 

After dinner I finally had to enjoy that muffin along with another protein “shot”. Tomorrow is a MONSTER day also known as Race Rehearsal day. The plan is to ride the whole bike course, run between 10-12 miles and practice my race day fueling and nutrition. With winds in Hawi forecasted to be 30+ mph, it will be a fun day for sure! I am not going to lie, even I am slightly worried but we will see what tomorrow brings! Maybe my new neighbor – Tim Don will want to come for a ride? 

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