Thursday, September 29, 2016

Kona Diaries – Day #6 (12 days till the big day)

After a monster day yesterday, Monday was very much a needed rest/chill day!  I was even able to sleep in a bit since I am finally adjusted to island time.

Once, I was up I headed to the pool for a super easy recovery float, and boy oh boy was I tired. I can always tell when I am super tired. My legs feel super heavy, and very sinky. 1500 yards later I was out of there. The pool is now getting more and more crowded and filled up with lots of fishes (Today’s PRO sightings: Sebastian Kienle and my neighbor Tim Don)

You all already know what was up next! Breakfast time, followed by a little work time with a view!

I could get used to this 
Chill time wasn't bad either! 

I am one lucky girl

So what's the best kept secrete of this island? (Continue reading to find out)

Keeping up with the theme of the day – rest/recover/chill – I had a massage with the best massage therapists I have ever met – Mr. Byron Thomas! If you live in Colorado, and are a triathlete you probably know him, and if not you are missing out. He really is the best kept secret on this Island before race day (If you are a triathlete that is).  I met Byron last year here in Kona where he sets up shop for a few weeks before the event, and I have since then tried to get him to unsuccessfully move to Boston. If you are in Kona and looking for a massage therapist - let me know and I'll connect you. He books fast so don't wait to reach out. When the likes of Daniela Ryf, Mirinda Carfrae and the list goes on and on are his regular clients, he is one busy guy this time of the year. 

I guess I am not as cool as Callum Millward and his cupcakes but I’ll keep trying.

Massage followed by an Acai bowl, followed by a glorious nap on the patio and watching another glorious sunset – can recovery days get any better? (I don’t think so).

Totally in the aloha state of mind

Once it was dark out (it does get dark here around 6:30ish), we headed back out for more shopping. For some reason the food is disappearing fast – how could that be?

Before I knew it it was dinner time, and early bed time – this girl was tired! Sometimes I just don't realize, how much more doing an exact same workout in extreme heat/humidity and wind can take out of you. 

This picture doesn't do the dinner justice, but very protein packed salad with bread of course - how it didn't make it into the picture I don't know - next time! This salad had steak tips, left over grilled chicken as well as left over cut up bison burger! Perfect recovery dish. 

We will see what tomorrow brings, but I think we are looking at one more rest day! I am beat. Stay tuned :) 

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