Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kona Diaries – Day #3 (14 days till the big day)

After one monster day yesterday, today was time recover and rest up. I slept in until 6:30am this time without waking up. 8+ hours of sleep is ALWAYS good and I may finally be on island time!

With banana in hand (That’s what happens when you get like 20 bananas for $2), I headed to the pool again. I certainly have love/hate relationship with swimming, but there is just something about swimming here in Hawaii. Even though I felt like I was swimming through mud for majority of the swim, I was still so happy to be swimming (and working on my tan lines).  

The pool was also a bit more crowded with a few super swimmers quickly demoting me to the turtle status 

But no worries - there are always paddles and buoy to assist in keeping up with fishes! 

Few pool PRO sightings this morning included Leanda Cave, Heather & Travel Wurtele along with their coach Paolo Sousa on deck. No big deal, it's a very similar crowd I am used to swimming with at my YMCA (bahahahaha) 

2500 yards later, it was time for breakfast on the patio. Did I say how much I love the place we are in this year? 

I am a creature of habit so my breakfast today was essentially identical to yesterday’s minus the papaya. I saved papaya for snack this time.

I have also upgraded my water bottle - staying hydrated here is a mission of its own!

Post breakfast I got some work done, took a 30 min nap while in my recovery boots, and followed that up with a snack before heading out for a quick 1 hour recovery ride.

Best napping spot! 

Papaya time - nom, nom 

Today was a bit overcast, but it sure was hazy and humid! Even after training in super hot/humid conditions all summer back in Boston, Kona heat & humidity is just like no other.

Even the coach ventured out on the Queen K today :)

The Queen K was super busy especially when heading back into town! 

It was fun flying by all the cars even when just recovery spinning. You can see the "energy lab" where dreams are either made or crushed far on the left

Until "this" was blocking the shoulder! Apparently they have duck tours in Kona, who knew? Although this one wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

And the spin ended where it will all begin in just 14 short days.

Hello Dig Me beach. This too will long very different in a few days as more and more athletes keep coming in. That seawall to your left is crowded with people on race morning and to get a spot on the wall as a spectator you gotta be pretty dedicated and early to claim it! 

The calm before the storm. What a magical place. 

And this is the T1 where thousand of bikes will be racked the day before the race. 

It sure looks nothing like what we are used to seeing with a few thousand bikes there instead!

After riding, it was lunch time! It was a bit of a late lunch and I couldn’t even wait to shower.

Turkey/ham, bread & butter (my favorite) pickles sandwich, and a whoooole bunch of chips and carrotts with hummus (not pictured). I did have a lot more chips than what you see too but you get the idea - more carbs and protein - gotta feed the beast :) 

Then it was time run a few more errands – Hello Wal-Mart! After Costco, that’s your next bet – it’s a super Wal-Mart and it’s “super”cheap in comparison to most other places here on the Island. I think we are finally done with running errands for the next 2+ weeks.

Post errands, it was time for recovery boots again! My legs are really feeling the big day yesterday so the more love I can give them the better.

Dinner followed shortly after and the bed was calling my name.

 BIIIIIIG bowl of salad with cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, and potatoes topped with lots of protein and fat - leftover steak tips from yesterday plus chicken and almonds, cashews, cranberries and feta cheese 

"Aaaaaah Fudge Nuts"

I was really craving dessert so one of my favorites to the rescue! It's essentially just like a brownie. 

I washed that down with a protein "shot" and it was of to bed. 2 weeks to go but who is counting? ;) 

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