Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Teamwork and The Refreshinq RQ Program

Triathlon may be labeled as an individual sport but it is far from it! We are out there on race day on our own, but nobody gets to the start line without a team!

The triathlon journey is a process that goes far and beyond the finishing time on race day, and strong support network of family, coaches, sponsors, and supporters make a big difference. All these people create YOUR team, and are along for the ride full of ups and downs.

I am super excited to have expanded my team this year to include The Refreshinq Co.! Their goal is to help everyone from top performing athletes to weekend warriors become their best AND never quit getting better via all natural, pharmacist-curated supplements in the form of vitamin packs and/or patches!

Quick look at some of the Refreshinq Co. products

Their goals line up perfectly with mine, and although my partnership has just started few months ago, they have already been a key part of my team in my mission to never quit reaching my goals, and leaving no stone unturned on my journey to the top of the Ironman World Championship podium.

Taking advantage of Refreshinq’s RQ program has already proven critical in my continuous development as an athlete that goes far beyond swim, bike and run.

The RQ program showed me exactly what was going on inside my body (via InsideTracker blood test), and it further provided me with next steps to optimize not only my overall health, but also my performance.

I did my Insidetracker blood test after a long/tough and pretty aggressive 10 week training build toward my first race of the season – Ironman Texas, and less than 48 hours after my longest training run of 21 miles on the Boston marathon course. Throughout my build I was feeling strong week after week, but I was definitely quite tired and sore after this run which wasn’t surprising – the hills of the Boston marathon course along with the accumulated fatigue will do that to you.

Black arrow shows my aggressive build. Blue dot simulates my fitness, while red dot (pink line) simulates my continuously building fatigue week after week.

After I received my InsideTracker blood test results, I completed an assessment form to give my “personal coach”(RQ Health Coach) more information with regards to my background, activity level and goals, and was then contacted shortly after.  My “personal coach” and I went over each and individual blood biomarker regardless of whether those biomarkers fell into the optimal range or not, and we further discussed how they affect my health & performance, and what I can do to optimize each.

It was very eye opening, and enlightening to know what each biomarker means and how it relates to my goals instead of asking “google” and worrying that there may be something seriously wrong with me because that’s exactly what I did when I saw this:

 What the heck is wrong with my liver? (Pro Tip: Stay away from WebMD!)

Oh, you just trained really hard for a while, and so your muscles are well – feeling it! This IS related to your increased liver enzymes – got it! (I finally feel like a huge weight got lifted of my chest)

No, I didn’t have a serious condition that Mr. Google suggested, and could stop worrying. Thank you Refreshinq! You put my mind at peace, when I was explained just how all these biomarkers are related to each other and my training.

Having the ability to speak with an experienced health coach allowed me to understand just when nutrition is enough to optimize my health & performance and when vitamins/supplements are necessary.  

What is even better is that I don’t have to spend more time online or in a CVS isle searching for which supplement – in my case which probiotic is best for me, because The Refreshinq Co. has me covered!

The advantages don’t stop here. Knowing that the recommended supplements are all natural, pharmaceutical grade and 3rd party tested is just another added and very important benefit to me as an athlete and supporter of clean sport! 

I am very excited to have The Refreshinq Co. part of my team, and would highly suggest for all of you to check them out and give them a try! Whether you are a weekend warrior or elite level athlete, their products AND services are first class and will make a difference in your health and performance! Let them help you never quit reaching your goals!

Please comment below if you have any questions, or use code JANA10 for 10% discount.

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