Friday, September 2, 2011

Missing in Action

I have lately been MIA from the blog world, yet I have many thoughts/topics running through my head each and every day that I would want to put down on paper or the computer screen.  There are so many that every time I sit down and want to blog, my brain stops working and the words stop flowing. And that my friends is why my last blog post was way back in July!
It’s really hard to believe that summer is winding down. September is here, kids are back in school, and that means more traffic, cooler/dark mornings, and cooler/darker nights.  The sweater weather is here! L. It also means labor day weekend is upon us, and with that lots of SALES! J Shopping anyone?  I have a list that goes on for miles, and there are always new tri toys that are needed or maybe just wanted? J Or perhaps there are some companies, that would just want me a.k.a  the czechchick wear/use their stuff?  Anyone want to sponsor me or be my agent? J
So  what have I been up to since mid July and my last race – Providence 70.3? Most of you can probably guess it, but besides work (and quite a bit of that), I have been trying to get ready as best as I can for the Las Vegas 70.3 Championships in Henderson, NV.  Since it’s no surprise that my swimming is by far my weakest link, I have spent quite a bit of time in the pool and open water. There are days when I feel really good and like a fish, and then there are days when I feel I am going backwards and feel like a sinking brick! Some quality time has been devoted to swimming with my new friend – Mr. Ankle Lock, and even though my legs float – YES FLOAT – a lot better than couple of months ago, I am still far away from where I would like to be. Swimming is absolutely testing my patience day in and day out, but all I can do is believe that one of these days, I will become faster. It’s just a matter of time!
Throw in a bunch of running, which includes weekly trips to the track, some biking, and there you have it. I did go away for one of the weekends last month and did some riding in the White Mountains with the E3 bunch, which included lots of saddle time, lots of climbing, and pretty much no cars/traffic to worry about.  Now that’s my kind of riding! The climb up Kancamagus Hwy. is so much fun!
Day 1: With the coach
Day 2: Waiting for the gang

I was a bit bummed t his year that I didn’t race Timberman 70.3 due to the close proximity of the Vegas race, so I decided to race the Cranberry Olympic distance triathlon instead. However,  “Irene” had different plans. Good thing is I didn’t taper for the race as it was only going to be a “training” race, but I was anxious and excited to see what sort of short course speed I had since this year has really been all about 70.3s. As much as I am bummed the race never happened, I am happy to report that damage to the area where I live was non-existent, and “Irene” was simply nothing more than a tropical storm.  
Now that we are 9 days away from the true A race of my season this year, I am getting super excited. My mega legs don’t feel so mega right now, but I know they will next weekend! JThe course in terms of terrain suits me a lot better than Clearwater (minus the non wetsuit swim), but the bike and run should be fun!  I say should be because I have absolutely no idea how I will deal with the 100+ degree weather. One thing I know is that hydration/nutrition will be KEY, and my face is pretty much guaranteed to look like a red lobster for a few hours post race.  Then I'll figure out what to do for the rest of the year and next season ... maybe another 70.3 on October 2nd in the Pocono Mountains?  ... The IM bug keeps hanging around too so you'll have to czech back in with me l8r to see what I decide ....  J

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