Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My IM Kona Race Files and more

I know you already read a “book” about my race in Kona, but if you are into numbers – Czech this out! This one is much shorter version of what went down on race day, but gives you a great insight about what went into my performance!  

My Kona Race in Numbers, Race Files via TrainingPeaks

I will be the first one to admit, I love “data”, and I love “numbers”, but knowing what certain “wattage” on the bike or certain “pace” on the run FEELS like MUST be taken into consideration at all times! Knowing your body remains the single most important factor especially on race day! You will hear many pros or age groupers alike say they train with power, but race by feel! Although I train AND race with power, I don’t necessarily just try to get to a ‘number’ on race day if my body is telling me to not! (You will see that in the article and files attached) It takes time to develop that skill, and I think I am finally getting to the point where I can say that I am getting closer! You gotta know when to push and when to back off regardless of what the numbers may be telling you. Numbers don’t lie, but neither does your body! There is a very fine line in being able to understand the signals, but it’s key you take time to develop that skill!   

The point? Training with power, and working with a coach that knows how to train with power has changed my cycling in the most positive way you can imagine! It has defined what going hard means, but also what going easy means!

So know your numbers, use them to push you or hold you back (especially in training), but don’t become their slave! ;) Always listen to your body! I did on race day and it paid off!

Same goes for running!  Know your body and listen to it! We are all different, but for me, it took running with heart rate to truly define what in this case “easy” pace meant especially in an Ironman marathon! Everything feels easy for the first 10 miles, but does it really?   I have finally learned to ignore pace, and focus on “me” and  how I felt!  Although my overall marathon time wasn’t the fastest I ever ran, and it certainly wasn’t struggle free, but I was for the first time EVER able to actually race at the end of the marathon rather than succumb to the marathon shuffle and that is one awesome feeling!

Want to know more? Click on the link above.

Have any further questions about my race day performance, training in general, or looking for a coach? Feel free to contact me – we at E3Training Solutions just may be able to help! 

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