Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am back!

Where to begin … It has been a looooooong while since I last posted anything on my blog and shame on me. I have been a busy bee between a few training camps, training in general, this thing called “life”, and yes – I do have a job that takes up just a weeeeeeeee bit of time and every once in a while requires some travelling. Since my last blog was back in February, it’s only fitting that I give you a quick update on what I have been up to.


Also known as THE birthday month, I squeezed in a quick 5 day training trip to Tuscon, AZ and although I automatically assumed it’s going to be sunny and hot, it didn’t quite turn out that way. Riding in AZ, wearing winter cycling clothes isn’t exactly what I thought of when I signed up, but hey at least I was outside and riding. Yes - it was cold and wet!

Notice the jackets, gloves, leg warmers, booties - the whole deal - Brrrrr 

We did get to enjoy one awesome day when we climbed Mt. Lemmon  with about 80 degrees at the bottom of the climb, and in the 40s at the top!

Before tackling Mt. Lemmon

Mt. Lemmon sure lived up to its expectations, and I had an absolute blast! Don’t give me wrong, I would have liked to be in a bit better shape than I actually was and perhaps spent more time on my bike (more than 2x, perhaps 3x a week for no more than an hour, 1.5 max just isn’t quite enough), but I couldn’t get the smile off my face the entire time! 

Happy as can be 

Our group split up immediately and so by the time I was reaching the top, I was on my own and of course made the rookie mistake (although I really don’t think it’s a mistake) of heading right towards the cookie cabin instead of the top of the mountain – our meeting point. Damn me! 

That's me in the distance

I actually passed the cookie cabin, and only stopped because I reached a dead end or better yet bunch of dirt paths that my “Fireball” (my tri bike) didn’t enjoy so much.  Only then I realized I wasn’t at the top, and rode right past the cookie cabin again and back up that mountain. I am still sad I didn’t get a cookie, but a good reason to come back and do it again! Next time the meeting point will be the cookie cabin! 

 Fireball at the top of Mt. Lemmon

Nap time at the top of Mt. Lemmon (I was really just trying to stay warm by hugging the pavement) 

  Unless there is a cookie in your hand, don't wake me up! ;) 

We did some other rides – “Gates Pass” and a few others, bunch of runs and swims, and we ate a lot (Or I did anyways).

Mmmmm, food!

I had a great time in great company, and even the chilly/rainy  unusual for Tuscon weather couldn’t stop us! If you want to see more pics, you should hop over the Peeeej’s blog who has many more pics than I do. ( )

Immediately following the Tuscon trip, I was headed to Europe for a busy 10 or so days. It was a work trip, but I got to spend a few days at home in the Czech Republic, and it so happened, that I got to celebrate my bday at home with my family! That hasn’t happened in a very long time (like 13 years) so it was very special! I spent some quality time with my family and I also fit in a few very chilly runs, some swims, and some family bowling fun.  

After few days at home, lots of cake, and bread, and more cake, and some more yummy Czech food, I was off to Austria, and Sweden before heading back to the U.S. I ate the cake so fast, I forgot to take pictures! I got in a few early morning runs through Schladming, the place of this years World Championships in skiing, as well as a running tour through downtown Stockholm! In a pinch, running really is the best way to check out the sights. I didn't take many pics, but I snapped a few from my hotel room. 
From the car

 From the hotel room 

 Slopes from the hotel room. This pic really doesn't do the slopes any justice. 

This was also my first trip travelling out of the U.S with my green card, and wow – what a piece of cake that was!  And just like that March was over. Wow – what a busy but FUN month! Next up - April! 

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