Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 Season in Numbers and What Can Coach Do For You!

I know I am bit behind, but here is a quick reflection on my 2010 season and how long I have actually spent training or racing. 2010 was my first real season of tri's. I completed 3 half ironmans, and one olympic distance race.

I more than doubled my swim and run numbers, and I almost tripled my bike miles from 2009 when I completed 2 olympic distance races, and 2 sprint distance races. I think it is very safe to say that the 70.3 distance is my favorite one of all, even though I have yet to complete the full ironman! And yes – that is in the plans as well! Due to my super competitive nature, I must do it right, listen to my coach, and toe the start line of a full ironman when I am ready to win and get myself THE ever so wanted ticket to KONA!!!! A lot of people tell me that I am ready now and that my first ironman should solely be for fun and to sort of “learn” the distance! Unfortunately, that is not how I work, that is not how my mind works! I am too competitive to just race for fun! Don’t get me wrong, I love to race, and I have fun when I race, but I enter every race with every intention to win! I race to compete, I do not just race to finish!  And yes, I may be ready to do an ironman now, but I know I am not ready to win it! There is a big difference!  I know it sounds so easy, but I know it is not, and I know it will take hours and hours of dedication, hard work and sweat for me to get there but mark my words I WILL GET THERE!!!!! J 

Okay, now back to 2010 and the silly numbers I am about to reveal.

Swim:  340,296.8 yards – 193.5 miles in 119 hours, which is almost 5 days

Bike: 4,129.54 miles in 224 hours around 9.3 days

Run:  876.36 miles in 113 hours, which is again almost 5 days

My 2010 swim/bike/run craziness J took me 5,199.4 miles in little over 19 days!  I put in enough miles to take me from Boston, MA to my little town of Benesov u Prahy in the Czech Rebublic, which is 3,891 miles away still leaving me with another  1,300 miles to spare! J

When looking back at these numbers, and days or hours it took to complete these miles, it doesn’t seem that bad, does it? I mean, I worked out 19 full days out of 365 days a year! That’s it? J Now to really put that into perspective, any one of us with full time jobs, we spend minimum of 40 hours a week or 160 hours a month at work, which translates into 6.7 full days of work a month or around 80 full days of work a year not including any vacation time. Now that’s CRAZY!

So in the end, in 2010 I swam/biked/ran 19 full days out of the year and I spent 80 full days at work. Oh there is something very wrong with that! Ha! I would LOVE to have it the other way around, but in the mean time, I must collect more speed so I could maybe one day become the oldest age grouper turn pro! Ha! We all can dream, right? J

Now if I can just keep improving every year like I did in 2010, it will all be a piece of cake! :) Thanks coach!

Here are my improvements in by far my weakest sport – swimming! I know, I know, I am one very slow fish, but believe me, I am working on it. I could post my underwater video analysis for all you to see, but that may scare some of you, so I’ll spare you the details and instead go with simple numbers that tell the story.


1,000 yards
200 yards
CSS/100 yards
June, 2010
August, 2010
October, 2010

From my weakest to my strongest and that is biking! I have no idea why biking is my strongest out of the three, as I have never really biked or really been on a road bike until last year. I rode mountain bikes when I was younger, and biked pretty much anywhere. Bike was really more of a mode of transportation rather than working out as my parents did not own a car, and biking was much faster than walking! Perhaps my basketball background may have something to do with it as well. I can also tell you that if any of you out there are thinking about getting a power tap, you shouldn’t even think about it. It is one of the best investments one can made if you want to improve your power on the bike. I used to think I rode hard all the time, but I can tell you now, I was wrong.  I am learning how to push myself harder each time I get on my bike, and I have to say I never pushed myself harder than I do now. I have the numbers to prove it and numbers simply don’t lie!


5 min
20 min
June, 2010
253 W
223 W
3.71 W/Kg
August, 2010
259 W
230 W
3.88 W/Kg
October, 2010
265 W
240 W
4.04 W/Kg

And last but not least my running. I just want to say that being a basketball player doesn’t make you a great distance runner! Yes, I ran a lot when I played bball, but very short distances, and very fast. The farthest I ever ran was 3 miles at a time, and that was probably once or twice a year during the offseason. I also swore after college that I would NEVER run again! Now here I am, with 876 running miles in 2010! And now the truth!


June, 2010
20 min all out
3 miles/6:45 pace
August, 2010
15 min all out
2.3 miles/6:24 pace
2010 was a GREAT year! I ran my first ever ½ marathon as part of my first ever half ironman race, I qualified for the 70.3 World Championships during my first ever half ironman, I broke 5 hours during my 2nd half ironman on a legit tough and hilly course, and I placed top 20 in my age group at the World’s with a time of 4:46:04. I have met some amazing people, and made some great new friends.

I found the best coach for me – Jorge Martinez ( of PBM Coaching (, and also a great team of fixer upper hands – a.k.a the best ART/chiropractor – Kate Kelly of along with massage therapists Samantha Cail and Joan Howe.  Thanks to these guys I was able to stay in one piece and healthy throughout the entire season, which is half the battle!

I am looking forward to what 2011 will bring! I am addicted to speed, and I am ready to WIN! J  

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